• Sarah Stumbo Huth

Introducing Amplified Intelligence Podcast!

Updated: Jan 23

I am thrilled to introduce Amplified Intelligence, a free-form conversational podcast that explores the intersection of technology, art, media, and entertainment.

This podcast is hosted and produced by me (Sarah) and Kathleen Byrne. We have talked about collaborating on a project together since college, which is where we met and became life-long friends. We are so excited that it's finally happening! Kathleen is a visual artist and interior designer, while I'm a software engineer focused on emerging technology. We aim to bridge the gap between art + technology, while amplifying the work of talented creatives and technologists.

We have an inspiring first season ahead featuring guests ranging from virtual reality artists to singer-songwriters to machine learning engineers. Please check out our trailer and support us by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. If you prefer to listen to podcasts somewhere else, you can subscribe via our RSS feed.

We plan to release our first full episode very soon. Happy listening!

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